Never Forget Who You Are – Part 2

for one

A couple of weeks ago, I laid it all out and explained some of the feelings that I've been having about the blog. I talked about the need to change things to reflect my life now that I've started graduate school and entered into a new phase, in a new city. Today, I want to get a little more specific and explain where I see the blog going in the future. Living life from a table for one. More than ever before, I have learned that being comfortable in your own skin is what it's all about.  Living life solo in a big city can be tough, but there are SO MANY of us out there doing it.  We're in … [Read more...]

Let’s Catch Up #4

Portillos Hotdogs

Goodness gracious, I feel like it has been a LONG time since I've gotten to talk to you guys. I have been awful at keeping up with blogs because life has been so crazy. I've been busy with school work, research, grading name it, I've been doing it (at least if "it" has anything to do with school). I went from being a research assistant with a 37 hour work week to a full time student, a research assistant, and a teaching assistant. When it rains, it pours, right? Anyway, I hope to spend some of this weekend catching up on your blogs and finally writing Part 2 of this post. … [Read more...]

Lessons from My Father

As a part of my graduate school training, I have to learn psychological assessment tests. Sure, there are your standard IQ tests and personality tests, but my program insists that we also learn projective tests - aka tests where you see a blot of ink on a page and have to explain why it represents the true meaning of life, or something like that. One of the tests I'm studying talks a lot about mothers, fathers and feelings, and although I think most of what Freud had to say about parents is whack, one thing I do agree with is that they completely influence who you are as a person, for better … [Read more...]

Friends Forever

friends forever

There's this weird thing when you're in your twenties where you feel like you're halfway between the life that you lived when you were in college and life was good and the days were easy, and this adult life where you have real decisions and responsibilities and bills. Lots of things get stuck between those two lives, like, on some days, my sanity, but one of the most difficult things to deal with is friendships that get stuck there. I love every one of the friends I have made over the past 25 years. Some of them have broken my heart, in good ways and in bad (because sometimes your … [Read more...]

But Really It Looks Awful

compliment take it

Recently the humidity has I've been doing something new with my hair.  If you didn't gather it from this post, my hair is big, and most of my time is spent trying to tame it.  I imagined myself moving to Chicago and escaping the humidity.  My hair would stay where I put it - silky, luscious, smooth.  Right. I was still under the delusion last Saturday that I had some control over my hair, and since I had my first Chicago social function that morning, I decided to curl it.  I made myself late to brunch working on it, and then I stepped outside, got on the train, got lost, and spent the … [Read more...]

Her Mark – Davida

Her Mark Davida

Meet Davida, one of my very first blogging friends.  Davida and I go way back to the first days of The Healthy Maven, before she became the go-to girl for thousands of people looking to cook healthy, ditch the gluten, and enjoy delicious treats.  Her journey to becoming a professional blogger is nothing short of inspirational, and I'm thrilled to have her here to tell her story today for the second installment of the Her Mark series, featuring women who are kicking butt and taking names in their careers. Hi LDJ readers! It is truly an honor to be sharing this space with Amy today. I’ve … [Read more...]