Why I Read “Perfect” Blogs


One of the biggest complaints that I read about blogs is that they always appear to be falsely perfect. We all know that no one's coffee looks that good, hair is that smooth, and dress fits that perfectly, but blogs (and Instagram, the bite sized, constantly refreshing blog) make it look like the perfection is possible. Are your kids really that stinking cute? Maybe, but when they're throwing a tantrum and refusing to nap and wiping chocolate covered fingers all over that beautiful white couch that was so perfectly styled in this morning's post, I'm sure the first thing that came to mind was … [Read more...]

My Best Friend Self


I recently read that we all have two selves - the version we think is terrible, annoying, and full of flaws, and then the version who is amazing and takes care of version number one. The author of the article I read called the second self the best friend self. When I originally read the article, I kind of dismissed it. I thought, like some of you might be thinking, that who I am is more cohesive than that. Sometimes I do ridiculous things and I'm angry with myself for letting them happen. Other times, I'm proud of my accomplishments and think I'm all kinds of awesome. Why would I need to have … [Read more...]

Why I Love…This American Life

This American Life

When I first moved to Connecticut two and a half years ago, I stopped listening to music. Yep, you read that right.  It seemed like no matter what I did, every song that I heard made me angry, sad, or frustrated, so one day I turned the radio off didn't turn it back on again.  I was going through a terrible break up, and if you really listen to them, most songs have something to do with love - either new love, love lost, crappy love, great love, or how much someone hates love - and at that time, love was the only thing on my mind, and the last thing I really wanted to think about.  I … [Read more...]

Home Stretch


This week marks my last week of the first semester of my graduate program. I can honestly say that this time has both flown by and dragged on, feeling slower than I had ever imagined it could. I have learned exponentially more than I thought I would, although most of it has nothing to do with psychology and everything to do with myself (although maybe those two are one in the same in some ways). Still, I am SO happy that it's over, and I only have 5.5 left to go...ha. Although I have exams this coming Thursday, my classes ended last week, which meant that this weekend was a chance to relax … [Read more...]


wine glasses

As we head into the holiday season, life seems to speed up with no hope of slowing down. There is all the work that must be done before we can relax. All the gifts that must be bought before we can enjoy. All of the stuff that gets in the way of the experience. I don't think there is really any way to eliminate all of the "stuff" that we will find on our plates over the course of the next month, but I do think that we can work on experiencing each thing as it comes. So many times in my life, I find myself trying to be everywhere at once. I watch TV while doing school work. I listen to music … [Read more...]

Burned Out?

on the beach

The one thing I hate most about being busy is that I am constantly trying to fit everything I want to do into my free time. There is a part of me that wants to read and stimulate my mind and be active, and then there is another part of me that just wants to lie on the couch and think about absolutely nothing when I get home at the end of the day. The good news is that my roommate gets at least four magazines a month, and she leaves them for me to read when she finishes them. There's something about having a nice shiny magazine in front of me that compels me to open it up and read it. I know … [Read more...]