My Best Worst Vacation

souks morocco

Have you ever decided to take the plunge and do something you never thought you would? Something that defied the expectations of everyone who knew you, that you boldly pursued with reckless abandon? Me too. It happened when I went to Marrakech, Morocco. In order to fully understand the sequence of events that brought me to Morocco, you have to know one thing - I am really not good at roughing it. I like it in theory. The idea of sleeping under the starts near a babbling brook seems amazing to me. Until I get out there. Then the mosquitoes, which don't seem to notice anyone else but … [Read more...]

Blogging Advice to My Former Self


Yep. This pretty much sums up what I've been doing this entire weekend. Saturday, I woke up early (per usual) and I stayed in bed until almost 11 watching all of the TV shows I'd missed during the week. Then I got up and got dressed just to go grab a burger with a friend, came back home, chatted with my roommate, and headed to the Great Chicago Fire Festival (but not before having some couch time lounging around). I feel kind of bad about it. There are things I could (should) be doing, but I have two glorious days off today and tomorrow, so this weekend I just kind of did nothing. I've … [Read more...]

Finding Time to Exercise


Let's talk about how I originally scheduled this post for a MONTH ago, because when I first moved here, I KNEW that I would have joined the gym and figured out how to be active by then.......... Cut to the beginning of October, and I am still not a member of the gym.  I know that all of you are going to tell me that you aren't either and you work out at home, or run, and you don't need it, but seriously - I need it.  Maybe it's a lack of willpower, but I have NO motivation to work out after a 10 hour day if I am expected to do it in my living room and constantly make the choice between … [Read more...]

Not Alone

chicago night skyline

I think we all have moments when we realize that we've turned a corner and things really aren't ever going to be the same. This past weekend I had that moment. Each day this weekend, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, I met a new person. Two of those people were bloggers who I'd been wanting to meet since we first found each other months ago, somewhere on the interweb. While with each of them, I didn't do anything other than walk around a new-to-me part of the city, laugh about how much we had in common, and enjoy the fact that the weather has been nothing short of perfect for the past two … [Read more...]

Shoe Snob


Before I moved to Chicago, I was a shoe snob.  If a pair of shoes didn't look perfect, I rejected them. Not the right color? Absolutely not.  Too many straps, not enough of a pattern, too shiny, too flat, too high and they didn't come home with me.  A pair of shoes had to be just comfortable enough that I could make it from the car to the building and then through dinner without having to take them off. Then I moved to this city, and everything changed. Well, not everything, mainly just the fact that I now walk approximately 1000 times as much as I did before.  I went to the shoe store … [Read more...]

Chicago Bedroom Design

Chicago Bedroom Design |

Whenever someone announces that they're moving to a new place, I'm happy to hear about the restaurants they visit, I'm excited that they've found a running trail, and of course I am glad that they're making new friends, but what I really want to see is the house. Maybe it's because I spent so many years watching HGTV with my mom, but I love to see some good interior design. And House Hunters? That show is like my version of Breaking Bad, or whatever everyone is watching these days. So if there's anyone out there like me, I'm sorry for taking so long to get these pictures up! Like I said … [Read more...]