The Shadow Proves the Sunshine

shadow proves sunshine

One of my least favorite things about winter is that many days, I don't see the sun at all. I know it must be there, because there's a definite change between the light outside at about 7AM and then again at about 5PM, but the whole day passes without one single ray of sun on my face, and I begin to wonder if I'll ever see it again. I spend a lot of time looking at Lake Michigan every day. It's beautiful, and big, and even though I know better, I secretly wonder whether it's actually an ocean and not a lake at all. But Lake Michigan, on days when the sun doesn't come out, seems to blend in … [Read more...]

Drawing with No Eraser

drawing without an eraser

Well hello there strangers! I took an unplanned blogging hiatus this month, but during that time I settled in to my second semester of grad school, made a huge improvement to my quality of life by learning how to navigate the streets of Chicago in a car, and decided to give online-app dating the old college try. The jury's still out on that one. During the past month, I also learned that it is high time to adjust my expectations for this here blog. Every single time I take a break, I miss it and you guys. I want to be here. I want to be engaged. I want to be consistent. But then I think … [Read more...]



br /> First off, happy new year to all of you! I am both thankful and amazed that 2014 is over. It was a year of weddings, cross country moves, life changes, plans fulfilled, relationships ended, relationships started, and life turned upside down, but to be honest I wouldn't have had it any other way. Every year, I vow to laugh more than I cry, and I can truly say that this year I did it. I had my fair share of hard moments, but for the most part I really felt like this year was a culmination of lots of things that I had been working on for a while. And to be perfectly honest, I really can't … [Read more...]

A New Look with Firmoo

Firmoo Lenses Tree

Firmoo provided me with a pair of glasses to try free of charge.  As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own. I can't believe that the holiday season is almost over! I have been relaxing for the past couple of weeks at home in Louisiana, having a much needed vacation.  I took last week off to enjoy Christmas and family time and to decompress.  This week I am spending New Years Eve here in Louisiana, then heading off to Boston to visit one of my best friends from college! I haven't seen her since we both left Connecticut earlier this year, so it will be nice to start off 2015 with a … [Read more...]

Why I Read “Perfect” Blogs


One of the biggest complaints that I read about blogs is that they always appear to be falsely perfect. We all know that no one's coffee looks that good, hair is that smooth, and dress fits that perfectly, but blogs (and Instagram, the bite sized, constantly refreshing blog) make it look like the perfection is possible. Are your kids really that stinking cute? Maybe, but when they're throwing a tantrum and refusing to nap and wiping chocolate covered fingers all over that beautiful white couch that was so perfectly styled in this morning's post, I'm sure the first thing that came to mind was … [Read more...]

My Best Friend Self


I recently read that we all have two selves - the version we think is terrible, annoying, and full of flaws, and then the version who is amazing and takes care of version number one. The author of the article I read called the second self the best friend self. When I originally read the article, I kind of dismissed it. I thought, like some of you might be thinking, that who I am is more cohesive than that. Sometimes I do ridiculous things and I'm angry with myself for letting them happen. Other times, I'm proud of my accomplishments and think I'm all kinds of awesome. Why would I need to have … [Read more...]