Her Mark – Megan

you will make it happen

I am constantly inspired by the amazing women who are kicking butt and taking names.  I am surrounded (both in real life and online) by women who have taken risks to follow their dreams. Regardless of exactly the path that they have chosen, I find incredible motivation from their stories. This month, I wanted to share one of those stories with you.  Meet Megan, a health and wellness coach, blogger, and entrepreneur. How did you get started doing what you're doing? My job as a health coach really began about 11 years ago when I started my personal journey towards health.  I grew such … [Read more...]

The “R” Word

running treadmill

Yes, you read the title correctly.  Today I'm talking about running. It's weird, I know, because I've barely even mentioned the word since I started physical therapy...and then I got burned (literally)...and then I got burned out.  Strangely, even though my life has been consumed with weddings, interviews, and living the good life for the past seven months, I haven't forgotten about the former love of my life - the three mile run. I'll admit it right now, I haven't done three miles in...well, longer than I can remember.  That being said, I am slowly crawling back on the bandwagon.  I … [Read more...]

Friday Photos

california salad

How does anyone get anything done in the summertime? As soon as the heat hits and the days get longer, all I want to do is sit somewhere by a pool (in the shade) and nap all day. More accurately, in Louisiana, all I want to do is sit on the COUCH in the AC and do the same thing. Since my words have already checked out for the weekend, here's a little bit of what I've been up to, in pictures: A movie night to see Amelie downtown in celebration of Bastille Day.   Some quality time with the weight machines in the gym.   A little bit of pre-move decorating for my … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Look Better Without Even Trying


1. Smile. Yep, life is hard, but you know what? It's also pretty great.  Take a minute to think about all of the "goods" that have come with today.  For me, I am healthy, I had enough money to get donut holes for breakfast yesterday, and the humidity is less than 100%.  Now stop and think of your three "goods" for today.  Life really isn't all bad, is it? Now tell your face. 2. Sleep more. When we don't sleep, everything feels a little bit worse.  If you find yourself not getting enough hours of rest, make some small changes.  If the problem is that every night you lose track … [Read more...]

I Need Your Help!

new horizons your help

In a little more than a month, my life will be changing completely as I start grad school and move to Chicago. With that huge change, there will be some changes to the blog. I am not sure yet how I will adjust my posting schedule and perhaps even my topics to reflect my new life, but I want all of you to be involved in that! So today, my post is really just a question for you - what kind of posts do you enjoy reading on Long Drive Journey?  If there was one thing that you wouldn't want to see disappear from the blog, what would it be? As much as this is my space on the inter webs, I also … [Read more...]

Painting with a Twist

final product painting

Last Thursday I did something WAY out of my comfort zone. Nope, this time it wasn't running a race, doing stand up comedy, or taking a circus class.  Last Thursday...I painted. Before you call me out for being dramatic, you need to know that I was raised by a family of artists.  My mom can draw.  My aunt is a painter.  Everyone is artistic and lovely and has beautiful handwriting.  Me, on the other hand? My handwriting looks like chicken scratch and my drawings all look like stick people.  It's fine because at least I can write (or type, as the case may be).  So when my friend Yasmin … [Read more...]