Life’s Work


I walked in the door today, late, and the only thing on my mind was getting the heck out of my shoes and putting on some comfy pants. When I looked down, there was a package waiting for me. I love getting mail, even when I know it's just the textbooks that I ordered a few days before. I sat down on the couch, ate some frozen pizza (because: grad school), and I opened the box. To many, this might look like an ordinary book. In fact, to MOST, it probably looks like a pretty boring ordinary book. But to me it reminds me of college. It takes me back to the first research lab that I ever … [Read more...]

Social Networking

Social Networking - On Moving and Connecting |

Let's just be honest right now - moving to a new place and having to make all new friends is the worst. Don't get me wrong, I have been excited to move to Chicago since I first found out that I got into graduate school. I couldn't wait to settle into this new life and surround myself with great people. The key is, what I couldn't (and still can't) wait to feel is settled. I read somewhere that the current young adult generation is one of the most mobile in history. We are always on the go, we live farther away from the places that we grew up, and it's not unusual for us to have friends … [Read more...]

First Day

first day notebook

What do a notebook... A backpack... A fresh new pen... And a lunchbox have to do with one another? They all mean the first day of school! Wish me luck! … [Read more...]

Friday Photos

selfie at the bean

This week... An obligatory selfie at the bean. An honest post about the hard side of blogging. A free concert in the neighborhood - enjoying the summer, even if it's just while I'm walking home. A look that makes me want to hold onto it (summer, that is). A "first" checked off my list - orientation is done!  I'm never so happy as when I finally get to sit down on the train at the end of the day, and I haven't even started classes yet. A guide to eating healthy even when your routine is jacked up (or has completely changed in the span of five days, like mine … [Read more...]

The Most Difficult Time of My Life

The Most Difficult Time |

HOW is it only Tuesday? I have only been on campus two days this week, and I already feel like I've done more in this time span than I normally do in an entire week. Getting on the train every day makes me think of my time in Madrid, one of the happiest times of my life, which instantly puts a smile on my face. It's funny because every single day so far has been filled with the simplest of things. Figuring out how to get an ID card. Getting a city sticker for my car. Reloading my metro pass. When you don't know where anything is, how anything works, or what in the world is going on, even … [Read more...]

Friends at 25


There's something about this time of year that always makes me excited.  I guess it's because I had a reason to get excited about the first day of school for so many years that the anticipation is engrained in me even when I am not setting foot on a campus.  Of course, as many of you know, this year I will be setting foot on a campus again (cue very large freakout).   As I prepare for classes, I can't help but think of all the other "first" days of school that I have had throughout the years.  The first day of school has always meant a chance for a new beginning.  New classes, new teachers, … [Read more...]